Taylor, a native of the small town of Lake Oswego, Oregon, was introduced to music before he was even born, as his father, Randy, would often put headphones on his mother, Carolyn’s, pregnant belly, and let the hours pass. The magical melodies and beauty of creativity by artists ranging in type and kind from The Rolling Stones to Celine Dion, Mahalia Jackson to Shania Twain, Fleetwood Mac to Van Morrison, and B. B. King to Jackson Browne, amid obvious countless others, were made forever part of his genetic make-up, and have been influencing him ever since.

Taylor first met the piano, and the wondrous adventures of chord progression, at age six, when his parents, in cahoots with Santa, got he and his younger brother, Byron, a stand-up Yamaha. Fast-forward a few years through countless lessons, at-home recitals, Disney song books, writing sessions, big family Christmas pageants and endless hours of practice, experimentation and joy, and that instrument still stands in the same spot, in the same room, and still holds the same amount of love and admiration that it always has.

Though Taylor’s first experience with singing in a public forum came somewhat late in life (a duet in the Lake Oswego High School Talent Show at the tail-end of his senior year), his passion for vocal expression through song has always been strong. From his first National Anthem performance, EVER, at a Portland Trailblazers game in front of 20,000 of his closest friends and family, to this, the release of his first album, Taylor has experienced, grown, learned and expressed, and will forever continue to do so.

Heavily influenced by the styles, writings, beliefs and passions of current artists such as Sara Bareilles, Coldplay, Lorde, Mary Lambert, Sam Smith, Adele, Ingrid Michelson, Sugarland, Christina Perri, Jon McLaughlin, Taylor Swift and OneRepublic, his sound and lyricism span a multitude of genres and include aspects of Singer-Songwriter, Pop, Country, Adult Contemporary, Folk, Indie, Blues, Soul, Christian/Gospel, and Rock, while still bringing something fresh, new and different to the forefront of music.

Currently, Taylor resides in Los Angeles, where he writes and sings on a daily basis, and performs whenever an opportunity arises, be it an open-mic night at Molly Malone’s or a National Anthem spot at Dodger Stadium.

His debut EP, “Hide Away,” is available for purchase on iTunes, and can be heard on all digital music platforms.

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Hide Away

by Taylor Jahn

Listen to the first single "Hide Away" below. 


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Official Video - Hide Away

The National Anthem | Taylor Jahn

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